Traffic congestion in sydney is not really traffic it is a carpark.

I suggest offering all truck drivers a free coffee for an hour in the morning and afternoon between the hours of 7:30 to 8:30 and 5:30 to 6:30. All large trucks off the main roads during these times to allow the traffic to flow quicker. Surely it must be frustrating to drive such large vehicles in a tight stop start condition, plus also having people zip in front of them making their driving a complete disaster waiting to happen.
Any takers?

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Posted by: Kenya52
Posted: 17th Nov 2010

Kenya52 says: Yes you are absolutely right. I totally support your suggestion. I do not drive on the weekends at all. I always take the bus and the train and sometimes I waste a lot of time on the public transport. During the office peak hours, the trucks drivers should be given chance to rest and then continue their trip without any hassels.
Carpark also is a big issue in Sydney and especially the cost of parking. It is very upsetting that the cost of driving is cheap compared to the cost for parking for a few hours. Reply


Posted by: Eugine
Posted: 17th Nov 2010

Eugine says: With all the people teaming in to SE Queensland, Brisbane is getting the same way regardless of all the tunnels and new roads.Your suggestion regarding heavy vehicles is good. Reply


Posted by: griff
Posted: 22nd Nov 2010

griff says: i agree that trucks should not be allowed on sydney roads during the early peak period also long distance truck deliveries should be made using rail networks that unfortunately have been discontinued by our inept labor state government here in nsw Reply


Posted by: gilgal1
Posted: 23rd Nov 2010

gilgal1 says: As someone who drives in Sydney traffic and uses public transport, I can only agree about the state of the traffic. But I believe the real cause of the problem is the demise of rail as a means of moving freight long distances and the failure by government to invest in reliable public transport with decent ticketing systems.
This is a problem that goes beyond the big political parties... they've all been responsible for our increasing problems with transport.
Some trucks are so big, I'm amazed that they are allowed on the roads. And many people would drive less if we knew that there was comfortable and efficient public transport that takes you where you need to go. Reply


Posted by: rod
Posted: 23rd Nov 2010

rod says: why not give then a extra hours sleep then a free coffee Reply


Posted by: mike
Posted: 30th Nov 2010

mike says: Traffic congestion is all about traffic management which the RTA has no knowledge of.
There should be no parking on main and arterial roads. Buses should have to pull into side streets to pick up.
Each intersection should be rebuilt to contain a "turnaround" so traffic can turn into the traffic going the other way instead of having traffic lights.
All traffic lights on main and arterial roads(three lanes minimum) should be eliminated.
Traffic should be allowed to enter the mainstream no less than 500 metres from each "turnaround"
Pedestrians should not be put in conflict with traffic and should be able to cross roads only via overpasses on the main and arterial roads.
The speed at which traffic reaches its destination is directly related to the efficiency of egress at destination or turnoff.
Remember the whole economy of a city a town a country depends on people getting to work. Making it easier to do that assists the economy, reduces greenhouse gasses, reduces energy use and makes workers happier...but wait there's more. But not enough space. It needs a book.
The whole realm of traffic movement and management should be re-thought
The whole realm of traffic management needs to be re-thought, re-routed and re-engineered to fit into a modern society.
Mike Reply


Posted by: Gemma2759
Posted: 6th Feb 2011

mike says: Traffic congestion is all about traffic management which the RTA has no knowledge of.
There should be no parking on main and arterial roads. Buses should have to pull into side streets to pick...

Gemma2759 says: Mike I really appreciate the thought you have put into this issue. I agree with a lot of what you have said. All Lights are in place now, I think that for the short term all lights should be on green on main roads in peak hour traffic and the only way to enter the main thoroughfare is to go to a major entrance that has access by blending (sorry lost the word for this), (like on freeways) this should be in place for two hours in morning and night.

If you are driving in the right hand lane and not going the speed limit you should be fined.

Like the turnaround suggestion.

Hope to see more comments on this posting. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 1st Feb 2011

I moved to a smaller town once I got a job and I am much happier! Reply

uncle mongrel

Posted by: uncle mongrel
Posted: 6th Nov 2011

uncle mongrel says: Hi, I work in the heavy transport industry, we try to move all our cargo at night within the city limits. The main problem is there are alot of customers who only want their goods during the day, the ones who have converted to nights say they will never go back to days. More importantly how many cars out there have 1 or 2 people in them during peak hour, how many are carting the kids of to school. Walk, ride push bikes or bus were the options when I was young. Taking these unneccessary vehicles of the road would help immensley. Until people learn to share the roads and obey the road rules (LAW) chaos will continue to reign. Reply

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