Bus services need to more prolific in tasmania

Buses need to run more often & throughout the weekend in Tasmania before most people will start to use them regularly. The services are too restricted in their time-slots to be of any real choice with public transport. I live in Cambridge & transport from 16 kms to Hobart is poor at best. I lived in Lauderdale & the service their was far better yet 8 kms further. Weekends, well there is no weekends because the bus services on weekends are a joke & almost non-existent. The Gov't in Tas needs to run these services reliably & consistently.

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Posted by: Lani6
Posted: 10th May 2010

Lani6 says: you'd be surprised, but even in Brisbane the bus service is lacking. There are some routes, which will be the only ones servicing a certain area/suburb, which are unreliable and have erratic timetables. It always frustrated me so much, the amount of time I spent waiting for buses. Reply


Posted by: alfielee
Posted: 11th May 2010

Lani6 says: you'd be surprised, but even in Brisbane the bus service is lacking. There are some routes, which will be the only ones servicing a certain area/suburb, which are unreliable and have erratic...

alfielee says: On the weekend the services here are nothing short of a joke. Some places do not get even one bus even though they are within a half hour travel. If the councils were really serious about dealing with these service issues rather than just raising the cost of parking & getting more money into their coffers then many of us would all probably think about buses seriously. Reply


Posted by: kikiiblue
Posted: 15th May 2010

kikiiblue says: Vic government encourages people to take public transport rather than driving their own private cars, but the public transports (trams,bus,trains) are always late, less frequent, i wonder 90% of the resident can get home by the last transport of the day if all of us are taking public transport. How ironic is that!
Bad transport infrastructure is the main cause. It is useless to rebrand, change management company for the train/ tram. Reply


Posted by: shachah7
Posted: 31st May 2010

shachah7 says: I think the general public transport in australia is substandard. Reply


Posted by: Gwen2620
Posted: 12th Jul 2010

Gwen2620 says: Try living in Exeter. One Saturday morning to Launceston and one in the afternoon returning. Nothing on Sundays. At least weekday services are better now Manions are running them but why they need to use the large buses during the day when there are only 1 or 2 passengers is beyond me. Reply


Posted by: mpz28427
Posted: 15th Jul 2010

mpz28427 says: as being in the bus industry for nearly 20 years (in victoria) and it's the same every where, we do all runs under a contract base, and if numbers don't match the costs of that run they cut them back, if you think you have a case for more runs you will need to go to your local goverment and tell them what you need, but that will also mean bums on seats, if they do extend hours then ppl must use it or it will get cut back, they can't run a service for half a dozen ppl, and bus company's can't do it for nothing, we have had ppl come to us saying about extended weekend services, we say if you can show the nubers that will use that service and present those numbers to your local member, then and only then will you get the extended runs, but i can also tell you if the numbers don't stay up, they will drop the runs back again. Reply


Posted by: SarahEC
Posted: 19th Mar 2011

SarahEC says: ACT bus service is pathetic - but it's a factor of (a) offering very uncompetitive salaries in a market where there are alresdy skill shortages, and (b) we have a small population base tfrom which to draw revenue, and it is very spread out. The ACT government should suck up the expense and build a light rail system. Reply


Posted by: anna
Posted: 18th Apr 2011

anna says: As a kid in the 60's the bus service was the same as now, Sorell left midday back at 6 pm, time to go to the footy/pictures & catch bus back home . Have you tried to speak to Dodges Ferry to see if they will put more services on? Maybe a car is the answer for you or a fast bike. Always been slack down that way. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 20th Apr 2012

says: its the same every buses will always be late its the age old excuse Reply

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