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I want to know if I should buy a ps4 or ps4 pro. I dont really want to pay the extra 100-200 dollars of theres no good benefits or advantages of pro over regular ps4.

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Posted by: edwin31451701
Posted: 14th Nov 2018

edwin31451701 says: ps pro is so much better. it has better graphics by far. Reply


Posted by: Wench19
Posted: 19th Nov 2018

Wench19 says: Better graphics larger memory future proofing in my book Reply


Posted by: franwarren
Posted: 20th Nov 2018

franwarren says: Buy the Pro, much better graphics, well worth the extra. This time of year there should be some good specials about Reply


Posted by: Mark31622151
Posted: 3rd Dec 2018

Mark31622151 says: Definitely go the pro! It has larger storage and is 4K compatible. Such a good console! Reply


Posted by: Madeleine31448591
Posted: 27th Dec 2018

Madeleine31448591 says: If you don't want to fork out the extra cash the ps4 is just fine! Depending on your usage and what you want out of it, for casual gaming I'd go the ps4. If you're a bit more hardcore and want better graphics splash out the extra for the pro. Reply


Posted by: bennickpipi
Posted: 19th Jan 2019

bennickpipi says: I currently switched from ps4 to ps4 pro...if you have a HDTV and you are serious about the is the one to go Reply


Posted by: Jojo1
Posted: 8th Feb 2019

Jojo1 says: Do not pay the extra money then keep what you have Reply


Posted by: damarapearson
Posted: 19th Mar 2019

damarapearson says: PS4 pro is definitely worth it. My fiance has one and absolutely loves it! Reply

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