I am wondering if there are many Pagans here in Aus, & also from non-Pagans, how well (or not) that it is understood.
I have had many people think that it is to do with devil-worship (most of us don't even believe in the devil) or other "bad" things, rather than the nature-based belief system that it is....

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Posted by: Colleen66
Posted: 5th Nov 2018

Colleen66 says: Gypsycat, there are many pagans in Australia. What area are you in? There are active groups through much of SE Qld, as far as I know. And there are many events advertised. Have a look on Witchvox or find some facebook groups in your local area. Wicca is also legally a religion in Australia, so you should be able to find some like-minded people :) Reply

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