it's normal for us to criticize ourselves. That's hard. People deal with it in many ways, eg: Get botox, silicon implants, tattoos, get drunk, take drugs. There may be others too. When we see our own weaknesses in another person we can be really nasty towards that person. The reason we are not perfect is to work on ourselves, improve, grow mentally before physically. That is so hard to do we would rather take it out on other people.
Bullies, racists are unhappy people. They would rather hurt someone else. The thing is it doesn't make them happy so they can become more violent, aggressive, angry over time. They may even want to destroy that person. If you try to change yourself physically you still have the real self inside. Best stop hating your real self. Face up to that person. We are not all good. We are not all bad. Be thankful for the good. Work on the weak or bad.
Do you really want all human beings to be the same? How boring would that be. One thing is for certain - individual differences are here to stay. We are not robots. Be realistic about your own good points. No one likes a big head. Be realistic about your own bad points. They give you something to strive for, something to work on.
Is it really intelligent to say people are bad; we should persecute them because they look physically different from us. Hitler tried to do it and many others have come since. They didn't succeed.
Don't be afraid of silence. Don't be afraid of reality. I meditate twice daily. Not for long. I don't time it. But getting thoughtless for a short period morning and night gives me a refreshing taste of reality that sets me up for the day and sends me to sleep with a calm mind. Try it.

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