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Given the Royal Commission into banking, I’m interested to hear opinions around what the media coverage has done to affect the public’s perception of the Big 4 and if we are looking at alternative banking such as credit unions.

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Posted by: gero
Posted: 13th Jul 2018

gero says: The big banks are going to be around for a long time and they are big and safe and although their staff are not as experieced as years gone by they will survive and are at present a great investment with very good returns. Reply


Posted by: Bazz
Posted: 24th Oct 2018

Bazz says: Judging by the response so far, there has been very limited media coverage! The media are 'owned' by the owners/controllers of the banks, so do you think they'll be allowed to report anything like the scale & magnitude of banking corruption here - and almost everywhere in the Western World? Zero Chance. The public haven't heard the worst of it. There are no 'good' alternatives at all, because there were no 'rogue' players that did a few wrong things by a handful of people. Not this time, nor the last time this happened. No, it needs a full system change, just like we had before. Exactly the same solution for exactly the same problem. Reply

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