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Recently I had a phone call from someone claiming to be from the technical department of my current telco and was told that 'unfortunately we will have to shut your internet down'. As the caller was ringing from overseas I naturally thought that this was some type of scam and did not bother replying. Roughly every week since then I have had a similar phone call with me asking them for their name and phone number so I could ring my telco and verify that they were legitimate callers and not someone trying a scam. I was speaking to a friend about this and was told that he had roughly the same experience and abused the person who called just to find out later they were genuine and not from India where most of the scamming calls seem to originate. When are companies going to realise that if they decide to 'farm' out their calls to overseas countries then they run the risk of losing customers because of possible scams?

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Posted by: Alyssa31403034
Posted: 24th Feb 2018

Alyssa31403034 says: I don’t have a landline, but my mother has similar problems with international nuisance calls. As much as it annoys so many people, big companies won’t stop farming out calls to overseas countries so easily, it seems that there are so few reliable telco companies and they know there is no competition... what would be the alternative for the customer? The risk of losing customers is much lower than the risk of losing money by paying Australian workers. So why would they? Reply


Posted by: redbatz
Posted: 3rd Mar 2018

redbatz says: I'm pretty sure a Telco wouldn't personally ring you. If there was a problem with internet they would most likely email and/or sms you.
But thats a good idea anyway to ask for their name and ring your Telco to verify. I would not ring the phone number the person gave you.
You are right though about telcos using overseas call centres etc. Reply


Posted by: KittiCat
Posted: 10th Mar 2018

KittiCat says: I agree, I receive these calls on a regular basis and I just hang up on them. My Telco (one of the most expensive) should never have outsourced their call centres overseas Reply


Posted by: Keegan31420172
Posted: 28th Mar 2018

Keegan31420172 says: I agree, that is why a rarely give out my phone number when filling out forms Reply


Posted by: Lord
Posted: 4th Apr 2018

Lord says: Change telcos to Australian based ones only. Amysim or Southern Phone. No overseas call companies with them. Reply

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