Lifeline bins for charitable donations

The other day I decided to take a bag full of clothes down to the local Lifeline bins which are only a couple of hundred metres down the road. I don't drive and the bag was fairly heavy so I was more than a bit irate when I got there just to find all 4 big bins were full to overflowing and I was left wondering just how often those bins are emptied. Charities are always crying out for more donations yet they don't seem to be too concerned about making space available for donations...has anyone else had this type of problem?

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Posted by: Dan31314618
Posted: 3rd Feb 2018

Dan31314618 says: I have volunteered at Vinnies before, and the large bins outside the shop we would empty every morning that the shop was open, and collect from smaller bins at the front of the shop throughout the day. I am unsure about more isolated bins, but I know my local was closed for 2 weeks over Christmas/ new year. Reply


Posted by: Lil
Posted: 18th Feb 2018

Lil says: I lived near a Vinnies bin which was emptied every week day. On weekends the bin became the local dumping place for all kinds of goods including broken items and rubbish. These things spilled onto the footpath creating a blocking and tripping hazard. On Sunday nights the local scavengers would go through the goods and take away anything they could onsell. Eventually the bin was removed because it cost the charity too much money to keep it emptied and to get rid of all the unusable items which had been placed there. Reply


Posted by: jobgenie63
Posted: 18th Feb 2018

jobgenie63 says: They definitely need to review their method of collection. I have stopped leaving things near the bins when they are overflowing, as in our neighbourhood, people steal the items and sell.them online. Peoplevaren't honest anymore in general, so they need a more secure method so things can go to rhe people who need it most. Reply


Posted by: Kassandra31376538
Posted: 22nd Feb 2018

Kassandra31376538 says: Many times when I lived in QLD that we packed the car to take ours and sometimes friends stuff off to give to charity to find not o my the bins full but bags and boxes sitting around on the grounds potentionally going to waste it weather damaged. Don't put the designated areas for bins unless you put into place a system to have them all collected a timely fashion Reply

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