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Being a Star Wars fan from the very beginning I eagerly awaited this year’s Christmas time blockbuster. Could not make it to the first day (wanted to see it before I read a “spoiler” but got there on day two. I sat there popcorn in hand and drink at the ready and watched the saga unfold but realised that I did not have the same enthusiasm as previously. Do others who have seen it feel the same way?

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Glynn 31372158

Posted by: Glynn 31372158
Posted: 17th Jan 2018

Glynn 31372158 says: A great movie in its owm way . Reply


Posted by: Lenrat
Posted: 19th Jan 2018

Lenrat says: Yep. Really disliked The Last Jedi. It’s like they got a director to make a Star Wars movie but had never seen a Star Wars film before. Reply

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