What do you guys think about malaysia?

Hi, I am Nur from Malaysia.. i just want to know people’s view and opinion about my country. Is there any special places and attractions in Malaysia that triggered people to visit Malaysia.

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Big Gus

Posted by: Big Gus
Posted: 5th Dec 2017

Big Gus says: Hello NurPah.
Why would anyone wish to go anywhere else but this wonderful country that we have here. Yes, it is more expensive to go to wonderful places in this country, but the rewards are just so fulfilling seeing and visiting attractions and and places we have to offer in this country. Reply


Posted by: kimmaree84
Posted: 5th Dec 2017

kimmaree84 says: I’ve travelled to Penang and loved it there. Great food, interesting culture, beaches, street art - but the thing that got me there in the first place were cheap flights! Reply


Posted by: Abi31259337
Posted: 20th Dec 2017

Abi31259337 says: I do love Malaysia, the FOOD, the scenery, the cities. Nature is so wonderful there! But I do feel a bit scared to travel there just because, well I am a petite female who does not blend in and I have heard many horror stories. Even my Malaysian friends have advised me not to travel there alone. Such a shame. Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 4th Jan 2018

PGS says: Love Malaysia, been there many times. I found shopping there (cameras, etc) much cheaper than Hong Kong.
I have taken a number of people there when visiting Singapore. OK, JB is not a great place, but they can at least say they have been to Malaysia - if only for lunch.
Took the wife there last year for her first time to KL (did JB some years before) for a week. She wants to go back.
If you are visiting KL, be sure to contact the Royal Selangor Pewter Works. They will pick you up & return you to your hotel free, the tour of the factory (about an hour) is free. And the goodies they have in their shop....
The orchid gardens wasn't much, the aquarium is great. Petronis Towers is worth going to (book ahead or you won't get in) Reply


Posted by: h2olily
Posted: 31st Jan 2018

h2olily says: Hi Nur...Malaysia is my home away from home...both my parents are from Penang. Shopping is really good when the Aussie currency is high! I have most of my extended family still in Malaysia. My daughter loves it there too...she was 3 and didn't want to come back home! The satays are still the best in Penang but only from the Satay man at night at a certain corner! The hawker foods are not the same anymore since the original stall holders passed away...however I did find the best roti chanai shop inside one of the markets! Oh i miss a good curry. .especially the malay fish head curry! Reply

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