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Many years ago I was homeless and quite lost. I discovered the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross and found the most beautiful people there. I rarely asked them for help and on the occasions they offered, I always said that there were people far worse off than me. I watched so many people and recognised most of the faces even though I did not know their names.

One day I was sitting in the refuge I was staying at and decided that enough was enough. I was going to go to the Wayside Chapel and have a meal and then wander off and end it all. A lady who I had never seen before sat down and told me she was a volunteer and did I need any help. I said no, I'm ok but she stayed talking to me. I don't remember exactly what she said to me but that lady made me feel like she loved and cared about me and I felt that ending it all would be like spitting in the face of people like her so I'm still here.

I have never seen that lady again. Each time I went to Wayside, I watched out for her so I could tell her that her love saved my life but I never saw her again. When I described what she looked like and what section she worked in, everyone told me there was no-one of that description working there. A friend who is a psychic told me that the lady may have been an angel and I believe it.

Wayside Chapel has been a big part of my life and even though I am in a much better position now, I still make sure I drop in the occasionally. I collect unwanted clothing from friends and drop it off at Wayside. They are always in need of single use toiletries, brnad new undies, new or used socks, blankets and all sorts of other things that we odn't think much of but mean so much to the homeless. I collect up all these things and take them in to try and help make a difference.

Wayside are not only for the homeless. They are there for anyone and everyone. They have a beautiful cafe with nice affordable meals and any money from the cafe goes towards programs they put on to combat loneliness, help people find housing or jobs, get people necessary services they need and many other things. They have a street party at christmas and if you are in Sydney and have never been to the Wayside christmas party then you really should go before you die. If you can't go then maybe think about "donate a plate" where you can make a donation towards the food they provide for about 800 people on christmas day.

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Posted by: Razorfish
Posted: 17th Nov 2017

Razorfish says: Hi Karan,

Thats is an amazing story. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope that one day you meet that lady from the Wayside Chapel who helped you. Sure she would love to read this amazing story. Reply


Posted by: beetee
Posted: 30th Nov 2017

beetee says: I'm so glad to hear that Wayside was able to provide the support you needed at a difficult time in your life. What amazing work such organisations do.....and the tireless workers and volunteers are earthly angels. Psychics and the like are contrary to my belief system, however I do believe God allows people to come into your lives for a reason. I do believe in heavenly angels too, but such people (and God's angels) aren't just there to rescue us from earthly trials, they are there to direct our eyes towards Him....our journey on earth is a short one, your beautiful lady was compassionate and kind, perhaps there was a greater reason she touched your life and that may have less to do with your earthly journey and more to do with your eternal one. Reply

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