Both reversing; who is at fault

Car A is moving in reverse from a residential driveway (turning right in reverse)and car B is moving in reverse (cant determine which way) from Cityrail commuter parking driveway, they collide halfway (Car A on driver side tail and Car B also on driver side tail), who is at fault

Last reply: 6th Nov 2014 / 7 replies / Post by alpesh

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Posted by: GAK
Posted: 8th Oct 2014

GAK says: I believe that driveways are classed as private property, and therefore it would be hard for either driver to claim fault against the other. Reply


Posted by: gyro
Posted: 8th Oct 2014

gyro says: if both parties are both reverseing at same time both parties at fault and cover cost of own repairs Reply


Posted by: diann
Posted: 8th Oct 2014

diann says: Oh lets go with the one who is extremely old or extremely young... ORRRRR the one with the licence the longest is always right. That person has the most knowledge???? Reply


Posted by: XL
Posted: 8th Oct 2014

XL says: It is illegal to reverse out of a driveway, immediately the car reversing from the driveway is at fault Reply


Posted by: stewy57
Posted: 9th Oct 2014

stewy57 says: Alpesh,
You will find that both will be judged at 50% fault. Your insurance companies will divide it 50/50. Reply


Posted by: Florra
Posted: 13th Oct 2014

Florra says: You will find the insurance companies will say you are both at fault.... by the way, I might be old school but isn't reversing out of a driveway illegal? Reply


Posted by: kit
Posted: 6th Nov 2014

kit says: Both - it seems neither was taking appropriate care - possibly relying on mirrors or reversing camera???
Law states anyone reversing from private drive/area must give way at all times. Both reversing? Obviously someone wasn't looking properly. Reply

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