I would like to know what people think of the government making it law that all trucks must keep left on all major highways. I am sick to death of truckies sitting in the right lane trying to pass when they know all they are doing is clogging up traffic because it takes them so long to get around another vehicle. What is even worse is they try passing going up a hill when they are loosing speed.

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Posted by: it
Posted: 8th Sep 2013

it says: I agree that it is annoying being stuck behind a truck in the overtaking lane, but I think that making it a law is unnecessary. I think it's down to common sense on whether or not the truck has sufficient time and space to overtake without holding anyone up, if not they can wait until thye do. Reply


Posted by: Timy
Posted: 1st Oct 2013

it says: I agree that it is annoying being stuck behind a truck in the overtaking lane, but I think that making it a law is unnecessary. I think it's down to common sense on whether or not the truck has...

Timy says: i agree, and it would be ridiculous to make a law against it. It does come down to common sense on every drivers behalf. And as for trying to overtake going up hills and then them slowing down use to annoy me too but after being a diesel mechanic now have a better understanding of trucks and is common sense that there trying to accelerate up into and before the hill as they can as so the truck maintains momentum and continues to maintain road speed etc Reply


Posted by: ozziedigger
Posted: 25th Sep 2013

ozziedigger says: I have the greatest respect for the men and women who take on the responsibility
of controlling the 50 or so tonnes of fast moving freight coming to a town near you.Whilst the mechanicals in a semi ,are the most advanced available, they still
need expert operators (drivers).The drivers` seat is up high so they can see ahead
for a long way and predict events that may happen. all the while checking his mirrors to see when vehicles are about to pass. Sometimes he realises these vehicles are going to collide and he will do his best to make them aware.
A truck driver is most often the first to attend an accident and render assistance,
Truck drivers are ( "The Angels Of Our Highways ") ,Respect them, and you will receive respect .
As with all road users.


Posted by: omygod
Posted: 8th Oct 2013

omygod says: I don't think it should be law, but we should let the trucking business know how unhappy other drivers are by letting social media know. When truckies don't do the right thing. Very frustrating when one truck tries to overtake another truck on a short passing lane. When if they kept behind each other they could let the faster cars move over and get by and be gone. Reply


Posted by: lizlucy
Posted: 18th Oct 2013

lizlucy says: If you sit behind a truck you get the windbreak witch saves you fuel. Also they are delivery our food and services to us. They pay their taxes like we do and I have never seen a truck being in the right hand lane unless his has to. Also about 85% of truckies are more polite than people in cars. Reply


Posted by: PukPuk
Posted: 25th Oct 2013

PukPuk says: There are some truck drivers that should never be in charge of a big rig and generally these will be clowns seen on tv. But likewise, there vare some idiots in cars who should be banned from freeways who have no idea about how to use them and pull in front of other vehicles causing loss of momentum for all vehicles. Unfortunately the latter generations only focus on what they want (a product of political correctness) and no idea how to fit into the overall community - whether that be generally or on the road. One simple rule is to follow the vehicle in front (2 seconds distance), not just sitting in front of the vehicles held up behind. Next time anyone sees a 40 tonne truck struggling to pick up momentum again, have look further ahead to see the idiot who jumped into their safe operating space in first place. Reply


Posted by: tobytinribs
Posted: 28th Oct 2013

tobytinribs says: I have to admit I HATE the truckies who come into the right hand lane to pass another truck but then slow right down to about 90 km/hr. The right lane is usually full of traffic and it makes it so hard for everyone else.
I agree the trucks need to do their job but I feel the speed limiters need to be enforced as so many trucks are out there and travelling at 120km/hr or faster and that leads to the next question - where are all the cops when the trucks are doing the wrong thing - they are never around when they are needed.
The recent tragedy in Sydney where a truck had soooo many problems that it caused a crash with fatalities and stopped traffic for hours on end. Get the inspection stations actually stopping the trucks and actually checking the trucks - not just their log books. Used to be that all trucks stopped - now only a very few get done. Not good enough!!!!!!! Reply


Posted by: PGS
Posted: 25th Jan 2014

PGS says: I use to be that way... should never have been changed. Reply


Posted by: Hol94
Posted: 30th Jan 2014

Hol94 says: couldnt agree more with this!!! but the truckies around my area definitely would still be in the right lane anyway Reply

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