Public transport or bicycle?

I live in Eastlakes & travel to uni at Ultimo by bus everyday. The distance is only about 7 kms & it cost me around $50 a week. So will it be better to travel using a bicycle which is gonna cost me around $500. Also I need to travel at night, so I'm a bit uncertain whether to continue to travel by bus or getting a bicycle.

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Posted by: mustang6000
Posted: 31st Jan 2013

mustang6000 says: If my experience of trying to commute by bicycle can be an example..don't. Stick with the bus.
I used to live in Merrylands West several years age and had to travel 4 kms to work along Merrylands Rd. A number of times I was almost knocked off my bike or run down bi inconsiderate motorists, in addition the speed of the traffic meant that larger vehicles sucked you into their wash.
I tried using back roads of footpaths, but also gave that away quickly.
Ended up not being worth the risk to life & limb to try and be 'Green' and healthier.


Posted by: davo55
Posted: 2nd Apr 2013

davo55 says: i live in seven hills if i go by public transport to work at lane cove it take me up to 3hrs to get to work by trian and bus if i start at 5am but if i go by car it takes about 30mins so why use public transport Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 3rd Apr 2013

says: travelling by bus is more safety even it will especially at night because you travel with other people unlike if you're using a bicycle you're travelling alone and you don't know what will happen to you at the road by night. Reply


Posted by: raphi
Posted: 2nd Jul 2013

raphi says: spend about $1000 on a quality bike and accessories and only take the bus when you have to. A bike is a much better quality investment than bus rides. You would spend approximately $2500 a year taking the bus but if you buy a bike you save a massive $1500. Take the bike but also take care. Reply


Posted by: Obsession666
Posted: 2nd Jul 2013

Obsession666 says: Public transport all the way,Traffic is terrible and there are far to many people on the roads,Not to mention parking is murder if you live in Sydney. Reply


Posted by: norbit
Posted: 4th Jul 2013

norbit says: I spent a year catching public transport for 2 hours a day while i studied and it saved me a lot of money on petrol. I now have a bike that i use to travel to and from work and for most of the year it is great but you do get wet, it can be cold and it does get quite hot in summer. i also invested in a good backpack that contains a water bladder and reach around 'straw' so i can keep hydrated while riding. i also found i had to invest in good shoes, high visual gear and lights but overall i am healthier for it and i saved money in the long run. Reply

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