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I have the oldest, crappiest car in my family, yet I don't want to part with it, because me and it has a long history. iIs the first one I ever bought. Do you get attached to things which have seen better days? It still works well, so I dont see any real reason to replace it.

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Posted by: s
Posted: 21st Sep 2014

s says: My son bought a second hand car that is one year older than he is!!!!!


Posted by: elljay
Posted: 25th Mar 2016

elljay says: I still think old reliable beats modern flash anyday. But the pressure from society friends family etc to keep up with the joneses will be harder to beat. Reply


Posted by: Skylark
Posted: 8th Feb 2017

Skylark says: Exactly. I'm the same. My Commodore is worth next to nothing as a trade in,so I look after it and hopefully I'll get it to 300,000 Km. It's still a perfect car for us, and
I'll replace it when I'm good and ready. As a 2005 model, its got enough safety gear for me.
I wouldn't recommend too old a car as a daily driver though. We have a 1969 Buick as our hobby car, and honestly, it does not stop, steer or brake like a modern car. While you couldn't call it a deathtrap, I'm aware of its limitations and drive to them. Reply


Posted by: Henrywebster1
Posted: 29th Mar 2017

Henrywebster1 says: I am driving a Holden Rodeo that my grandfather for me a few days before i was born and i inherited when i was 16, to this day i still drive the same Ute everywhere i go and the old girl is still going strong. If it works; why replace it! Reply


Posted by: mustang6000
Posted: 9th Apr 2018

mustang6000 says: I bought a 2 yr old Mitsubishi Nimbus in 1986, to accommodate our then young family of 4 children. That vehicle served us for 14 years and covered over 400,000 Kms ranging from The Snowies to Mossman, out to Bourke and western Qld, it was probably the most reliable vehicle I ever owned. Yes by the time I had to junk it, I could no longer justify keeping it on the road. My point is that I do not think that any of the current family vehicles would have lasted more than 5 years of heavy use. We currently now have a small SUV for carrying grandchildren around, and I only intend to keep it for 5 years maximum. Reply

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