Learner drivers

I do not like people going through a roundabout when a Learner Driver is waiting to go through a roundabout.

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Posted by: Jaybee123
Posted: 17th Sep 2012

Jaybee123 says: Why not? Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 19th Sep 2012

says: Why!!!? Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 19th Sep 2012

says: how wil they learn if no one drives normally around them..? Reply


Posted by: Sajo
Posted: 21st Sep 2012

Sajo says: that's true how will the people learn then. Remember everyone learns from a mistake. Reply


Posted by: Yanno
Posted: 10th Oct 2012

Yanno says: I totally agree, but not only do I hate it, I always think that these learner drivers, will in some way freak out, and mostly likely course an accident! I think alot of people need to b patient with them! Coming up to a round about for a learner driver be would b quite scary Reply


Posted by: mouse
Posted: 22nd Oct 2012

mouse says: Im a learner driver myself and i think it is a good idea that the traffic still flows like it should when going through a roundabout. It helps with experience and judgement Reply


Posted by: fatjack
Posted: 3rd Nov 2012

fatjack says: what??????? Reply


Posted by: peterv
Posted: 5th Nov 2012

peterv says: I think that sometimes we forget that we were all learners at some time. When I got my licence in 1971 the roads were much quieter so probably nowhere near as nerve wracking as today. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 11th Dec 2012

says: yes l agree with you most of the times it cause accident. Reply


Posted by: sakib30994
Posted: 15th Dec 2012

sakib30994 says: i think it's a good experience for the learner. Reply


Posted by: PukPuk
Posted: 16th Dec 2012

PukPuk says: When in the vicinity of a Learner driver, just have that bit more awareness but maintain adherence to the road rules so everyone knows what is going on. The experienced driver in the passenger seat should already have made any necessary comment/advice based on the degree of competency achieved to that point by the learner driver. Reply


Posted by: fergiefroggiz
Posted: 1st Jan 2013

fergiefroggiz says: We all have to remember we were a learner drive once . And sometimes its scary.
But a little understanding goes along way. Reply


Posted by: Crossafix
Posted: 8th Jan 2013

Crossafix says: They should learn correct road behaviour from the people teaching them. That said, if I see learner driver when I'm driving I always back off and give them plenty of time and space. They're going to make mistakes, like stalling etc and don't need the added pressure of another drivers impatience. Reply


Posted by: smiles
Posted: 15th Jan 2013

smiles says: They have to learn to drive do they not and stick to the rules made for driving ,which is the same for all. Otherwise they should not be on road driving. Reply


Posted by: Sammbo
Posted: 2nd Apr 2013

Sammbo says: Right! We will have someone with a red flag walking in front of them.

Harden up! It is the 21st Century. Reply

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