New subaru

New Subaru due out in Dec.....can't wait to test drive!

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Posted by: Gazza
Posted: 26th Sep 2012

Gazza says: BRZ? Reply


Posted by: sandy
Posted: 26th Sep 2012

Gazza says: BRZ?

sandy says: Oh yeah...... Reply


Posted by: Dillon
Posted: 29th Sep 2012

Dillon says: Subaru BRZs - Toyota GT86s - Scion FRSs
All of these cars are awesome, so affordable too (not for me but still). They have brought some new light into the car scene as manufactures are building "luxury" or "eco" car, rather than "sporty" cars. Personally I am in love with these cars and can't wait to see more cars to come from other manufacturers. Reply


Posted by: matt2758
Posted: 21st Feb 2014

matt2758 says: i really hope they actually make the brz sti model, not sure if they will or not but the concept looks awesome Reply


Posted by: Ambrose
Posted: 17th Mar 2014

Ambrose says: Have seen a couple driving around. Very nice!
A bit small for my liking, and personally I think the styling looks feminine haha!
From what I've heard, the only difference between the subaru and the Toyota 86 is a sporty-er ride, better exhaust system and the price. Reply

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