I get really annoyed with people who park on the wrong side of the road. Three rules are broken including driving on the wrong side of the road twice. It's just plain laziness. It started with tradies who must park as close as possible to their job and now extends to all ages and types of vehicles. If parents are doing it so to are the kids they are supposed to be mentoring. Another trend picked up from overseas where narrow streets encourage this practise. It's about time some fines where handed out!

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Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 28th Aug 2012

says: I find the rules of most things do not matter anymore, the police are not interested in anything except booking motorists for speeding. So parking is really a irrelevent thing all together. Actually someone backed into my car the other day and there was really nothing I could do about it as it was in a public car park. The way of t he future I am afraid.. At the end of the day it what difference does it make what side of the road people park so long as they are parked enough of the road to let the passing traffic get by.. Sorry Rumma but I think we have so much more to worry about when it comes to traffic and police.. Reply


Posted by: mikulski
Posted: 28th Aug 2012

mikulski says: I agree with stephano, I have done this myself on occasion, though it usually is for a very quick stop. I get more agro with people who can't park in an alotted space, usually small car drivers, i drive a larger 4wd twin cab and make a point of parking in the space provided, but one of these days someone might find their car has been dragged elsewhere after i've gotten angry enough after not being able to get into my own car Reply


Posted by: Rumma
Posted: 29th Aug 2012

Rumma says: Your the drivers I refer too. To lazy to walk and driving on the wrong side of the road. I hope one day you run into me on the wrong side of the road and I will sue you for all you have. In the meantime why not go and teach our young drivers your bad habits or go overseas where its legal. We have enough idiots on the road without this selfish practice. Book em danno! Reply

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