Unleaded fuel in nsw

Is it fair to take out the up from the service stations in nsw?most of the older cars are not designed to take the ethanol fuel. Most of the cars we see on the roads are old cars .the reason they drive the old cars is that they can not afford to buy the new cars.i don't think to force the people who can not buy the cars to use the premium which is 10 cents expensive than the unleaded.with the raising intrest rates and expenses , do you accept this change thats going to take place soon in nsw

Last reply: 4th Dec 2012 / 3 replies / Post by Sri

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Posted by: PGS
Posted: 17th Feb 2012

PGS says: Not impressed at al by the changes. My car is a 1998 which is supposedly fine with ULP, but I lose about 100km/tank using the rubbish. The 'premium' version didn't make a lot of difference on that. Reply


Posted by: jjdrer
Posted: 18th May 2012

jjdrer says: You risk more wear & tear on your motor parts too. Many of the older cars are far safer in the unfortunate event of an accident. Shorter bonnets mean more risk of motor and other components coming through the firewall towards you and crushing you. This also applies to damage to steering, battery and cooling systems. It doesn't take much to bend your steering. Reply


Posted by: Nidhogg
Posted: 4th Dec 2012

Nidhogg says: No I don't think it's bloody fair at all, in any state. Standard unleaded is not all that harmful if anything they should be doing more to find a better solution to diesel fuel it's the culprit. That crap turns everything black, destroys paintwork, burns your eyes and skin and the fumes make you wanna chuck. I live on a very busy road and it's no fun when you just clean the outside of your house and a few weeks later it's all sooted again from diesel fumes. Reply

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