Carpark rage

The other day I was parking my car when another lady forced her way into my spot. I let it go but I wondered if she did this alot. Then yesterday there were two women fighting. To my suprise, it was the same lady who stole my spot about a week ago but she picked the wrong person this time. The whole thing turned into a cat fight and the police were called. Is it really worth trying to push your way through or just to have a bit of patience and wait. The same thing happens on our roads. If more people just had a bit more patience and courtesy things would be alot better

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Posted by: BoMDiGGy84
Posted: 25th Jul 2011

BoMDiGGy84 says: Hahaha this made me LOL. Hope the lady (carpark stealer) got what was coming to her... that sort of stuff is just rude and lazy! Reply


Posted by: daisy
Posted: 18th Aug 2011

daisy says: Yes some people are so rude with parking spaces. I have seen them a lot but I just let it go, no use getting into fights. I always say {o well they need it more than me. } They have no patience. Reply


Posted by: Raksha
Posted: 18th Aug 2011

Raksha says: Quite a few years ago I was turning into a parking space in a shopping centre, when a young fellow raced up in his car and tried to pull into the spot before me. He started waving his arms and mouthing off at me. My son who is 6'4" tall and who at the time was long haired and bearded, was bending down in the front seat tying his shoelaces, sat up. The other driver then backed out and reversed away. I wondered if he would have done this if my son wasn't with me. Reply


Posted by: margiemcc
Posted: 18th Aug 2011

margiemcc says: I was pulling in to a parking spot yesterday and had my right blinker on waiting for the car in the spot to reverse out and leave and this d,head came flying up on my right side and flew into the spot, I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I'm not an aggresive person but just had to get out and say something! he moved out and let me in and he would have been about 80!! Reply

oth kirk

Posted by: oth kirk
Posted: 22nd Aug 2011

oth kirk says: you get this disgusting behavior everywhere these days , I just keep going and that usually assures them i will willingly drive right into them if they keep going . Reply


Posted by: talbotboy
Posted: 25th Aug 2011

talbotboy says: I can never understand why people are always in such a hurry. Why is it so important to be dashing around all the time. Take some time out to smell the roses. Reply


Posted by: simo
Posted: 31st Aug 2011

simo says: The people who are pushy and rude with this tend to be like that in all aspects of their lives.... Reply


Posted by: 19chris51
Posted: 8th Sep 2011

19chris51 says: HI Lynstar007, this has happened to me a few times and it gets my temper up,I can honestly see why there is road rage, people (some people ) are just so rude, no manners at all, its just deserts that this woman got into a cat fight with someone as pushy and rude as herself or just mayb4 that other person stands up for themselves,.
It makes me kind of anxious when driving on the F3 express way, SO RUDE Reply


Posted by: anup
Posted: 11th Sep 2011

anup says: ya same here domebody broke my dv side mirror in parking Reply


Posted by: Sambi2
Posted: 23rd Sep 2011

Sambi2 says: Its just so rude! Its kinda about common so often it boils down to who is more aggressive. Reply


Posted by: chookybo
Posted: 25th Sep 2011

chookybo says: That's how accidents happen. Impatience and rudeness! Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 28th Sep 2011

says: haha just ram em Reply


Posted by: busymama
Posted: 7th Oct 2011

busymama says: It's just common courtesy - if you see someone waiting for a carpark you don't just go and jump in there first because you think you are going to get away with it! Do these same people push themselves in front of others at the supermarket checkout line? Do they whip a chair out from under you as you are about to sit down at your kid's school concert? It's just rudeness and thinking they are better and deserve better than you. Reply


Posted by: Anonymous
Posted: 5th Mar 2012

says: OMG, the same thing happened to me but I was already half turned into the bay when this lady tried to pull into me. She stopped behind me with her hands in the air as to say what are you doing. There is no need to behave this way and some people need to learn patience. Reply


Posted by: annie
Posted: 23rd Aug 2012

annie says: what a funny story.would of have loved to have seen this.I thing parking spaces in shopping centres are terrible and always seem to cause a problem with people waiting to drive into them and someone else wanting the same spot Reply


Posted by: mikulski
Posted: 28th Aug 2012

mikulski says: Fully agree that this person ended up getting what they deserved, i usually don't have this problem as my vehicle is quite intimidating being larger, the best option i find is park further away, let them have the close spots and i get some extra exercise from the walk. Reply

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