$75 energy supplement

If you're entitled, have you received your $75 for singles, $123 for couples, energy supplement payment from the government?

My June electricity bill was $392. I'm single & I have rheumatoid arthritis I need to have the heating on.

I'm always perplexed as to why a couple receive more money? If anything it's harder to pay your bills when your by yourself.

Has the payment helped you to pay your bill?

Firstly... I'm not ungrateful for the payment
Second... I'm in this situation, as a result of a work place bullying situation.
I've worked all my life until recently. It's not easy.
How do you manage?

Thankyou for reading, interested in your thoughts.

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Posted by: Pureheart
Posted on: 3rd Jul 2019

Pureheart says: Hi, I got my $75 and yes it did help me, if you because of health reasons need the heating on or air con. in summer, there is a place you can apply for extra funding too, medical cooling and heating electricity concession scheme, maybe you can google it, you will need a doctors certificate for it. As to why couples get more, they also use more then a single person, they get slightly less then double of what a single gets,they have a lot more costs then a single, I'm single hope this helps a bit

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