What makes your home a home?

A recent study released by IKEA revealed that homes don't always feel like home, and some people reported feeling more at home in their cars. Does your home feel like home? What makes it like that? And if you don't feel at home there, why not? Where do you feel most at home?

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Posted by: chnichols82
Posted on: 2nd May 2019

chnichols82 says: I love our home!! It's an old house with it's share of problems... but it's comfy and practical and filled with love. My husband proposed to me in our living room, and our beautiful girls have never slept anywhere else.
The carpet is very old, so we don't stress about it... that mark where my toddler and I spilled the paint just reminds me of fun times. There's a new damp patch most days thanks to "nappy free time"!!
Each room has its own personality and colours and is suited to the people who sleep in it. My eldest tells everyone that she loves her bedroom because it's purple and her favourite colour is purple, and it makes me grin because I put a lot of work into creating a purple room!!
The girls adore our backyard and our neighbors must get sick of them laughing and squealing out there constantly, but it's one of my favourite sounds in the world.
And we have a large extended family that are always dropping over, so it's not just us who love our house!!
I could go on a lot more, but the main idea is our house just reflects so much love.

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