What makes your home a home?

A recent study released by IKEA revealed that homes don't always feel like home, and some people reported feeling more at home in their cars. Does your home feel like home? What makes it like that? And if you don't feel at home there, why not? Where do you feel most at home?

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Posted by: Jackie
Posted on: 1st May 2019

Jackie says: I live on my own since Feb '92 and have lived in a few rental places over the years. I'm in a Senior's unit in a complex for the last 15yrs, which is a kitchenette, dining room, and lounge all in the one room. One bedroom and a laundry and small bathroom with shower and sink. It's home to me, as I can walk in and relax after being on an outing or to a shopping centre. I can please myself what I do, answerable to no-one. I have my family photos around me, as I always like having photos standing up. My son's paintings are on the wall, as he is into artworks, with an online business in South Oz. He does the pictures under skateboards also.

I have my own routine each day and have a social group and an organisation that I go on bus outings with and am picked up at my front door. My daughter is now in my social group and she comes back to my place for a cuppa but mainly to use her phone as I have a WIFI modem and she doesn't have enough data. I suppose it's nice that she's not wanting to rush away with it being a small place (she lives on her own too in her own place) but she does stay longer than I'd like. (about 2hrs or more sometimes) It does interfere with my routine when I come home but at least I see her twice a month now. Yes, I love my home, even though it's small. I would like it to have a make-over in the main living areas, as everything is showing wear and tear now with the time I've been there, but it's home!

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