What makes your home a home?

A recent study released by IKEA revealed that homes don't always feel like home, and some people reported feeling more at home in their cars. Does your home feel like home? What makes it like that? And if you don't feel at home there, why not? Where do you feel most at home?

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Posted by: MGA65
Posted on: 30th Apr 2019

MGA65 says: I live in a Queenslander style of house with some modern options like airconditioning, solar hot water & aluminium windows with flyscreens. It has good airflow when the breeze is blowing so lessens the need to use the airconditioning & can rely more on ceiling fans if it gets warm. I think the layout is quite good & although I do want to put on solar panels as well when I can afford it there isn't much more I would do to improve the place other than trimming a large tree out the front & some plumbing repairs.

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