What makes your home a home?

A recent study released by IKEA revealed that homes don't always feel like home, and some people reported feeling more at home in their cars. Does your home feel like home? What makes it like that? And if you don't feel at home there, why not? Where do you feel most at home?

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Posted by: samjohn5
Posted on: 28th Apr 2019

samjohn5 says: My home is where I look around and see memories - the renovations we have done, the plants I have nurtured, the photos on the walls, the op-shop finds, the scrapes and scratches and marks. My home feels like a home, not because of the material things in it, but because of how those things got there - whether they were purchased, found, created, given. Everything in our home has a history and there is a memory linked to each and every thing.

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