Compulsory voting

Just wondering how many people would vote is it wasn't compulsory?
I go to a booth do my vote, then go to another booth & do my mum's vote.
In a democracy, I think it should be voluntary.
Would you vote if you didn't have to?
I know I wouldn't. It makes no difference anyway, with all the back room deals regarding preference votes.
Interested in your thoughts.

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Posted by: 3lions
Posted on: 11th Apr 2019

3lions says: Yes, I tend to agree, it makes sense to me that it should be voluntary.
As you say if people are not interested why vote.
I'd like to know the stats on people who turn 18 actually enrol to vote?
Then the stats of people who are enrolled, yet don't vote & hence get a $40 fine I think it is?

I mean the whole system is a joke.
Up to you to enroll, change your address let the election committee know?
In today's society do they seriously people would actually do that.

People used to respect the police!

They are not going to do the right thing? Plus they wouldn't pay the fine, just like in everyday life.

Appreciate your reply :)
Enjoy your day!

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