Compulsory voting

Just wondering how many people would vote is it wasn't compulsory?
I go to a booth do my vote, then go to another booth & do my mum's vote.
In a democracy, I think it should be voluntary.
Would you vote if you didn't have to?
I know I wouldn't. It makes no difference anyway, with all the back room deals regarding preference votes.
Interested in your thoughts.

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Posted by: 3lions
Posted on: 10th Apr 2019

3lions says: Oh, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I actually do wear glasses, put I think just for show!
No seriously, my eyes do give me trouble. Yes 100% Australian. 53 years young ;) female.

It really is outrageous the amount of money spent, like you say most of it on social media, which brings me to people like my mum 76, only the last couple of years got a mobile phone.
Basic flip phone, no internet

Unfortunately her generation are being left behind, because they assume that everyone is connected online. I do most of things for her, but yesterday
for instance, she thought she would ring Myer (Adelaide) to see if they'd be open over Easter Saturday, Sunday.

She rang me after absolutely frustrated because she couldn't actually get to ask someone, press 1.for shoes, press 1 for this brand of shoes. Eventually she pressed a number & was connected to the shoe department & asked the person actually working.

They are being left behind, bad luck for you if you don't use a smartphone.
I think it's wrong & lacks respect for the elderly population.

I definitely think you & your views are interesting, just to answer & reply in a nice friendly manner, it's lovely.

As your obviously in NSW, you you think pill testing is a major issue? As if what I've read, they're saying Labour didn't have the best leader, plus I think his comments about the Chinese didn't exactly help him.

I'm not a fan of pill testing, I'm not old fashioned, I've smoked weed, that's about as far as I went.
I do struggle to understand why young people need to take something that contains god knows what, just to have a good time?
I've heard some say this, I don't think anything will stop them taking whatever, they'll take it regardless.
I does stagger me, when I hear the unfortunate death as a result of taking something.
The parents will say, " oh, they were such a smart child, the whole world in front of them"

Surely if they were smart, they wouldn't do it.

I know it happens in every state, I think the real drug problem is the legal drug alcohol.
The damage & cost to the ever failing health system is awful.
I no they'll never change that, because of all the money they make from it.
Similarly to cigarettes, they could be well who knows how much a packet, people will still smoke.

I'm astounded how people can afford to buy them.

Anyway there's my 2 cent's worth, I do sound like a older person don't I?

I just don't understand some choices people make. Sure I've make poor life choices, but can say hand on heart, never put my life on the line.
It means to much to me & especially my mum.

Thanks again for being so nice

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