Compulsory voting

Just wondering how many people would vote is it wasn't compulsory?
I go to a booth do my vote, then go to another booth & do my mum's vote.
In a democracy, I think it should be voluntary.
Would you vote if you didn't have to?
I know I wouldn't. It makes no difference anyway, with all the back room deals regarding preference votes.
Interested in your thoughts.

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Posted by: Venso
Posted on: 10th Apr 2019

Venso says: Whoops, I think I posted it again.

Yeah it’s okay I try to read things with no tone of voice in the nicest way possible ;).

Yeah honestly god knows what actually goes on in the politicians minds. In regards to advertisement, I only saw advertisement for labor and how bad the liberals are but never really spoke about why they’re better? Definitely don’t need to be spending that much a day on inefficient targeting, seeing as they mostly advertisement on social media platforms that don’t seen to reach generation Z eyes.

I agree, maybe they think they’ve got it in the bag. Definitely am interested to see the outcome of this with almost all of my generation with absolute hate for the liberals because of the restrictions on festivals. Will be interesting to see whether they actually band together and outweigh the older folk (unlikely) but they can have a good crack.

I didn’t get to see that episode of Q&A but I did see the final debate before the last vote and labor didn’t seem to have it together, almost sounded like they were following in liberal footsteps.

English background 3lions?

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