Compulsory voting

Just wondering how many people would vote is it wasn't compulsory?
I go to a booth do my vote, then go to another booth & do my mum's vote.
In a democracy, I think it should be voluntary.
Would you vote if you didn't have to?
I know I wouldn't. It makes no difference anyway, with all the back room deals regarding preference votes.
Interested in your thoughts.

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Posted by: 3lions
Posted on: 10th Apr 2019

3lions says: I totally agree, they could increase the age for voting.

You certainly have to find out the information yourself. The media have their own agenda's to a point & sometimes give a one sided view point.

I want to say this with... In no way I want to offend you, you are certainly the exception. I would know way have expected you to be in your 20's. It's refreshing to speak to you. You're parents must be so proud of you. To be honest. I was concerned at what I wrote, the reply would not be so nice. It's very interesting to get your perspective & thankyou for your words about my mum, who worked her whole life, paid her taxes like most of us, but unfortunately her health forced her to stop working. I'm her only child so I do as much as I can to help her. It's difficult to see the government not do as much as I think they could.

I was interested watching Q&A the other night. Couple of people told the treasurer, that Labour policies regarding cancer treatment has swayed their votes & would the coalition consider matching it. He couldn't even give a straight answer, I know they never really speak the same language as us, still it was interesting. I agree the donation situation is complex, plus the amount spent on advertising a day is staggering. Surely Scott Morrison should just go to the Governal General & dissolve the parliament & call an election.
Why wait?

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