Hey everyone,
Gee, I think/ know Australian TV has hut an all time low with this season's married at first sight.
Watching tonight's episode Tuesday 19 Feb. The " boys and girls night out"
What an absolute disgrace! Yes men will be men, but it's just a good look... Just add booze & not sure the right words to use. I've just read the men are being slammed for their talking about slamming a women to a husband. Seriously any woman who uses & talks like that " I need to be slammed.. a girl needs to be slammed a lot" I mean who talks like that. It's definitely trash TV & the "C" word has already been dropped. What is going on with people these days? Plus add to that all the anti social media. I think people need to get a life. I don't do any of that rubbish Twitter or Facebook... I just think it's so destructive & I don't see the point of watching a show on TV ( yes I'm old fashioned like that) how why do you watch a tv show & provide a running commentary about it.
Anyway just staggered at the trash I just watched. Can say for sure I won't be tuning in again.
Get some self respect people.
PS I don't class cafestudy as social media, it's been around for a very long time & I've been a member for years & it's never changed. I've happy to say I've never been abused or harassed on here, which is lovely.
Interested in your thoughts.

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Posted by: annie
Posted on: 1st Apr 2019

annie says: I wasnt going to watch Married at First sight but after my 2 adult daughters were watching it i joined in.I have thoroughly enjoyed the drama that this show has brought to us and i feel that some of the so called people wanting to find love have been rather rude and awful.My favourite couple in the series are Jules and Cameron and wish then lots of happiness outside the experiment and in the real world

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