Hey everyone,
Gee, I think/ know Australian TV has hut an all time low with this season's married at first sight.
Watching tonight's episode Tuesday 19 Feb. The " boys and girls night out"
What an absolute disgrace! Yes men will be men, but it's just a good look... Just add booze & not sure the right words to use. I've just read the men are being slammed for their talking about slamming a women to a husband. Seriously any woman who uses & talks like that " I need to be slammed.. a girl needs to be slammed a lot" I mean who talks like that. It's definitely trash TV & the "C" word has already been dropped. What is going on with people these days? Plus add to that all the anti social media. I think people need to get a life. I don't do any of that rubbish Twitter or Facebook... I just think it's so destructive & I don't see the point of watching a show on TV ( yes I'm old fashioned like that) how why do you watch a tv show & provide a running commentary about it.
Anyway just staggered at the trash I just watched. Can say for sure I won't be tuning in again.
Get some self respect people.
PS I don't class cafestudy as social media, it's been around for a very long time & I've been a member for years & it's never changed. I've happy to say I've never been abused or harassed on here, which is lovely.
Interested in your thoughts.

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Posted by: kimmaree84
Posted on: 25th Feb 2019

kimmaree84 says: I’m convinced that everyone on the show are paid actors! It seems like a lot of the interactions are simply “shock value” interactions and some of the language I’ve heard from the participants is outrageous!

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