Are you doing anything about climate change?

In today's news, the UN reported that last year was the fourth warmest on record. We would like to hear what our Cafestudy members are doing to help slow down climate change. Have you changed your habits recently? Or maybe you are meaning to but haven't got round to it yet? Please let us know!

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Posted by: jvanes
Posted on: 12th Feb 2019

jvanes says: We have solar panels, a water tank and a compost pile. I collect water in the shower and kitchen and put it onto garden plants. We recycle and Coles now take plastic product bags etc so I collect them and take them into Coles for recycling each week. We have planted native trees and shrubs to attract bids and to reduce the use of water in the garden. We only have one car in our family and walk to shops whenever possible. We are long-time vegetarians as using animals for meat takes up so much agricultural land and cows emit environmentally damaging gases and we grow some of our own food and buy organic products wherever possible to reduce pesticides in the environment. We also donate to environment and wildlife groups.

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