Are you doing anything about climate change?

In today's news, the UN reported that last year was the fourth warmest on record. We would like to hear what our Cafestudy members are doing to help slow down climate change. Have you changed your habits recently? Or maybe you are meaning to but haven't got round to it yet? Please let us know!

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Posted by: Tony
Posted on: 12th Feb 2019

Tony says: Having spent my younger years travelling this wonderful continent, working and living in each State and mainland Territories, my wife and I have managed our way through the seasons. Despite the increasing broadcasted rhetoric and false claims of possible environmental chaos caused by climate change, our lives have not changed nor been negatively impacted by the climate. Our view is that in our eight decades of living, the four seasons consistently occur and the 'weather' has repeated itself albeit extremely hot in summer, extremely cold in winter. We still experience hailstones the size of 'cricket balls' as we did on numerous occasions over the years. We expect the city and urban areas to get warmer as there are more people as the population has increased four fold, more high and low rise buildings with heat retaining and generating apparatus, and more vehicles with higher volumes of fuel consumption to produce higher levels of pollution. We recall the Year 2000 scare that hysterically claimed that clocks would no longer tick or tock, planes would fall out of the sky, trains would collide, business and the public services would collapse, and people would go more beserk that they already were. I also recall that nothing happened : Nada, amigos. May I suggest we wait for the next prophesy.

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