Are you doing anything about climate change?

In today's news, the UN reported that last year was the fourth warmest on record. We would like to hear what our Cafestudy members are doing to help slow down climate change. Have you changed your habits recently? Or maybe you are meaning to but haven't got round to it yet? Please let us know!

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Posted by: mandal
Posted on: 7th Feb 2019

mandal says: We always close all the curtains to keep the summer heat out of the house, even if we're at home but then it's only in the rooms we're not using at the time. If we use the air conditioner, we have it set to 25 or 26C, which is enough to cool us down but doesn't use as much energy as a lower temperature. As soon as a cool change comes through, we open up all the windows and doors to get cross ventilation through. In winter, we have heaters set at no more than 22C and just wear more layers, again to use less energy while still being comfortable.

We've just installed solar panels and can't wait for them to be connected up so we can start using energy generated by the sun rather than coal.

Single-use items not only pollute the environment but their manufacture contributes to climate change by using energy. For Christmas I bought all my family sets of stainless steel straws so we can stop using plastic straws. My daughter takes her own straw when she buys bubble tea. I have been trying to get into the habit of taking my own cutlery when I know I'm going to be eating somewhere that gives you disposable cutlery, eg. food courts, casual Japanese restaurants. In fact, when we went on a holiday to Japan last year, we took chopsticks everywhere we went and were able to refuse at least 100 pairs of disposable chopsticks. We also rarely use cling wrap or aluminium foil - sandwiches for school go in a box, leftovers are stored in lidded glass containers etc.

All our laundry is washed in cold water as that uses less energy (with the exception of when someone's been sick and then we wash their sheets etc with a hot wash).

We try to use public transport whenever possible, rather than taking our own car.

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