Are you doing anything about climate change?

In today's news, the UN reported that last year was the fourth warmest on record. We would like to hear what our Cafestudy members are doing to help slow down climate change. Have you changed your habits recently? Or maybe you are meaning to but haven't got round to it yet? Please let us know!

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Posted by: des
Posted on: 7th Feb 2019

des says: As individuals I think it's sometimes hard to get your head around what we could possibly do to help climate change, as it's up to countries/governments to rue on and implement such things. But when you think about it there are things you can do even if only on a small level. I close the curtains early in the day before it gets too hot so that the solar block curtains keep the heat out of my house for longer and therefore use air conditioning less. In Winter months leave the curtains open so the sun heats up the house with less use of heating appliances. I still have buckets in the shower and use that to water plants in the garden sure it's a pain but I believe every little bit is a help to "OUR" environment. Use reusable drink containers and straws it amazes me just how much of this garbage goes into our oceans. I was reading an article just this week about how the micro plastics have now been found in humans so what we throw out has now come back into our own bodies. And what will be the outcome of this ???? for sure it won't be good. Makes me think twice about eating fish now and I find that very sad. Not only are we hurting our environment but now ourselves as well. And how many more generations ? I'm sure there is more I could be doing and will keep on the lookout for them. I recently saw bamboo toothbrushes so no more plastics ,haven't done anything about it yet but will keep my eye out for it in the future. Can't wait to hear what other people are doing too. Might hear some more things I can implement into our lives.

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