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I recently lost my husband of 38 years to cancer and decided to put the bank account which had been in joint names, into my name only. You can imagine my confusion when I was told by the bank employee that they would have to freeze the account while the necessary paperwork was done by the Department of Deceased Estates. I had just lost my husband so had too many other things on my mind to question this. Luckily for me my daughter was with me and to her it sounded odd so she rang through to the department concerned. After she had explained the situation she was told that I had received totally wrong information and that they never freeze joint accounts. My whole point to this story is that bank employees should be trained properly before they are deemed capable of giving advice on or handling any money matters at all.

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angry mum

Posted by: angry mum
Posted on: 19th Jan 2019

angry mum says: Firstly, so sorry for your loss. Its terrible how Banks and other businesses work these days. Mum Dad know a lady whose husband passed away 2 years ago and thy had everything in joint names. They lived in an over 50s village and the unit was purchased outright by them. When her husband died, she was told to organise for a new title deed which some 18 months later is still not finalised. I am aware she had a heap of problems with changing over all bank accounts as well. Its a very unsympathetic world we live in.

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