Bottle recycling

Just wondering what others' thoughts are on this. In Brisbane and surrounding areas a new bottle recycling system has just started up a couple of day ago wherein you take your empty bottles to certain depots and get ten cents back on each bottle. This morning I went to the supermarket and purchased a couple of my normal Woolworths soft drinks which normally cost 75 cents. Today I found they have gone up to 90 cents. Another lady was complaining about it and said the extra 15 cents is apparently to help run the depots. So now we all pay more for drinks, more for fuel to get to these depots (the closest to me is about 15 minutes drive) and we already pay the Council for our recycle bins. I will be putting my bottles where I usually put them, in the recycle bin. What do others think?

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Posted by: Raji
Posted on: 16th Nov 2018

Raji says: I don't bother to waste time and petrol to travel to the collection points. The hike in prices of the drinks is no surprise as there is no way the government or manufacturers are going to wear the cost of anything that might help the enviornment. I agree, those who litter will continue to do so. 10c per bottle is not enough to carry you bottle with you until you get home and then keep until you recycle. I throw mine away and will continue to do so. A fail if you ask me.

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