Halloween in australia

Just curious as to what you think.
I don't understand why we all of a sudden are celebrating Halloween?
I understand the commercialized opportunity for shops alike.
I just don't understand why?
We are Australia, not America.
Would any Australian know the origin of the concept.
Interested to know your thoughts.
Thanks :)

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Posted by: Gypsycat
Posted on: 2nd Nov 2018

Gypsycat says: Halloween stems from the Pagan celebration of Samhain (pronounced sa-wen, or sah-ven).
This was originally one of the eight festivals in the Wheel of the Year, this festival celebrating the end of harvest, and also a time when the veil becomes thin between the worlds of the living and the dead. It is, of course, timed to the Northern Hemisphere - here in Australia Samhain is celebrated at the end of April.
With the coming of Christianity, many of their celebrations were placed at the times of Pagan festivals, given new names. & basically re-wrapped & packaged. So Samhain, to most, is now known as Hallowe'en, or the evening before All Saints Day.
As a Pagan, I continue to celebrate Samhain (in April). But here in Australia, we have just celebrated Beltaine, the beginning of Summer :)

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