Halloween in australia

Just curious as to what you think.
I don't understand why we all of a sudden are celebrating Halloween?
I understand the commercialized opportunity for shops alike.
I just don't understand why?
We are Australia, not America.
Would any Australian know the origin of the concept.
Interested to know your thoughts.
Thanks :)

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Posted by: Rose
Posted on: 1st Nov 2018

Rose says: I can't understand why we would encourage our kids to go bothering strangers to practically demand they be given lollies and chocolates. And if they don't, they might do something feral back.
Even worse, we try to bring our kids up to be wary of strangers but then many young school kids go house to house on their own. What if they knock on the wrong door?
It's a silly tradition that has nothing to do with us nor with the values that sensible parents try to instill in their children.

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