Fluctuating fuel prices and the government

My husband and I were out driving the other day and passed a petrol station where the price of petrol was $1.29...."that's not bad" I thought compared to what the price had been in the past few weeks. So you can imagine my astonishment when we drove back home a couple of hours later to find that the price had risen dramatically to $1.59 a litre! How can this sort of thing happen and what is the government doing about fluctuating fuel prices? Just when are they going to step in and tell the oil companies 'enough is enough'!

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Posted by: Karl31614694
Posted on: 10th Nov 2018

Karl31614694 says: We are all trapped, the country is vast, and in many cases, public transport sucks and won’t take us where we need to get in a reasonable amount of time, or at all. We need to use private transport, we can’t just stop driving around, because although the fuel companies would run out of money, we’d run out sooner!

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