Fluctuating fuel prices and the government

My husband and I were out driving the other day and passed a petrol station where the price of petrol was $1.29...."that's not bad" I thought compared to what the price had been in the past few weeks. So you can imagine my astonishment when we drove back home a couple of hours later to find that the price had risen dramatically to $1.59 a litre! How can this sort of thing happen and what is the government doing about fluctuating fuel prices? Just when are they going to step in and tell the oil companies 'enough is enough'!

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Posted by: KennethS
Posted on: 26th Sep 2018

KennethS says: I have lived and worked in a number of countries, but Australia is the only one with a Fuel Price Cycle, it is farcical, and is just a mechanism for fleecing the motorist, and I am amazed that the Australian people are so docile when they are obviously being ripped off.
The Oil Companies, the Insurance Companies, the Banks and the unholy supermarket duopoly of Coles and Woolies, with their trading ethics make Ned Kelly seem like a decent citizen and a pillar of the community.

Australia is the land of the Corporate Rip Off, and they get away with it because we suckers allow them to

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