Fluctuating fuel prices and the government

My husband and I were out driving the other day and passed a petrol station where the price of petrol was $1.29...."that's not bad" I thought compared to what the price had been in the past few weeks. So you can imagine my astonishment when we drove back home a couple of hours later to find that the price had risen dramatically to $1.59 a litre! How can this sort of thing happen and what is the government doing about fluctuating fuel prices? Just when are they going to step in and tell the oil companies 'enough is enough'!

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Posted by: Bazz
Posted on: 31st Jul 2018

Bazz says: I recall that day! That's not the only Essential Service that goes unregulated or more commonly, under-regulated. All fuel types used to be cheap when we had our own refineries in each capital city & rarely fluctuated. Now the price is set in Singapore, but it's 'higher than a country' that controls oil prices. In New Zealand when I was there, fuel was fixed to one flat price nation-wide, but it was expensive. We need to regain energy sovereignty once again, as well as banking sovereignty. There will be a Royal Commission into Energy Cartels soon too.

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