Women's handbags and cars.

I am amazed and pleased that finally a car maker has finally made a provision for a womens handbag. Considering the number of women who drive and own cars, and the fact that a handbag is as essential as shoes to women. I find it baffling it has taken manufacturers so long to make a provision in the car for a handbag. The glovebox is provided for a man's wallet, if needed, but women have had to put their handbags on the passanger seat or floor. This is not very safe as if you brake hard everything ends up on the floor or in the case of an accident the bag and contents can turn into missiles in the cabin of the car. Women do not want to put their handbags in the boot. This type of discrimination or plain thoughtlessness has gone on long enough. Finally there is a car on the market who accomodates the handbag. Hooray.

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Posted by: CAT17
Posted on: 18th Aug 2011

CAT17 says: Thanks for your advice Blossom, I never thought of the fact that no one could get in in the case of an accident. It is going to take me awhile to be brave enoigh to drive "unlocked" I do have a glass hammer on the floor next to my driver's seat in case the electrics "go out" and I cant get out of the car. Never thought of the other way round. Safe driving to you and thanks again.

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