Women's handbags and cars.

I am amazed and pleased that finally a car maker has finally made a provision for a womens handbag. Considering the number of women who drive and own cars, and the fact that a handbag is as essential as shoes to women. I find it baffling it has taken manufacturers so long to make a provision in the car for a handbag. The glovebox is provided for a man's wallet, if needed, but women have had to put their handbags on the passanger seat or floor. This is not very safe as if you brake hard everything ends up on the floor or in the case of an accident the bag and contents can turn into missiles in the cabin of the car. Women do not want to put their handbags in the boot. This type of discrimination or plain thoughtlessness has gone on long enough. Finally there is a car on the market who accomodates the handbag. Hooray.

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Posted by: jjdrer
Posted on: 18th Aug 2011

jjdrer says: There is only one problem with driving with your car doors locked. In the unfortunate event of an accident it is very difficult for another person to render you assistance or get you out if there is risk of the vehicle catching fire. My brother works in motor vehicle recovery and has a firstaid certificate, including a special course in motor accident injury treatment. Valuable time is wasted braking into a car to render assistance. One of his workmates found a car that had crashed into a pole and the driver was bleeding. He tore up his clean T-shirt to use to put pressure on the wound, but had to spend time forcing his way into the car. The lady later died in hospital. possibly because he found it so difficult to force his way into the car as he didn't have the right equipment in the truck to do so. Most don't have any tools of any type in a vehicle to even be to attempt to render assistance. If your handbag isn't too thick, you can push it part way under the passenger seat on its side. It is less likely to become a missile. Even a tissue box can become a missile if you slam the brakes on, especially if it is fairly full. Some remote lock and steering lock systems actually lock your doors when you start your motor. A guy I know had an almighty argument with a fitter about this for they very reason I have stated above. He took the car back and told them to fix the problem and that if they didn't they would not be paid until he tested it and they had done so. They fed him some spiel about insurance rules which he proved to be incorrect. At least the brackets for mobile phones are sturdy, and the phone shouldn't "fly" out of it.
Many products not just cars are designed by men and have really bad design faults, including a refrigerator my parents bought. When it had to be serviced under warranty, my Mother commented about an aspect of the design which they all had. The service guy admitted that Ladies use them most but are never consulted when designs are being changed.

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